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Exploring Abstract Art Using Bright and Bubby Colours and Forms!

Our home-schooled students have been expressing themselves and have created some vibrant abstract artwork.

They demonstrated mixing shades and creating some Drip Painting.

This involved model mixing a range of shades with each colour of paint which demonstrated using a range of tools to drip and spatter the paint onto the paper.

They have also been introduced to the work of artist Jackson Pollock.

This activity has helped develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space in the context of making a painting from shades.

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Tutors discuss why the River Nile was so important!

In History our home-schooled students have been looking at the River Nile and why it was essential for survival to ancient Egyptians.

The children have learnt that in ancient times the people of ancient Egypt depended on the Nile to survive.

The River Nile runs through Egypt and most people live along and around it today.

This was also the case in ancient times as this is because the land near the Nile is a place where crops can be grown, and the rest of Egypt is desert.

To aid the children in understanding the above they helped create a model of the River Nile.

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GCSE Chemistry Topic-Organic Chemistry

One of our home-schooled GCSE student has been learning all about Organic Chemistry.

A beautiful well presented poster was created to showcase the elements involved.

This poster is a great educational resource that will help in revision and to improve understanding and reinforce learning.

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