Every Tuesday morning at The Tuition Club, our students take part in extra-curricular activities.
Currently, the activities include tennis and horse riding, and we will be planning more exciting activities in the future in shaa Allaah.

Our students have been having great fun playing tennis at the Manchester Tennis and Football Centre in Sportcity. Developed in 2002, Sportcity consists of world-class sporting venues, and has the largest concentration of venues in Europe [10].

Our students receive high quality coaching, which enables them to improve their tennis skills and techniques. Some of the skills that are developed by playing tennis include hand-to-eye coordination and whole body coordination. Also, angled volleys and finessed drop shots develop fine motor skills, whilst gross motor skills are improved through ball striking and court movement. Children are able to strengthen their muscles, improve their physical fitness and flexibility [11].

Tennis is a fantastic sport for promoting overall health and wellbeing in children, as well as playing an important part in their psychological development. Children learn how to adapt to different situations and environments, and learn how to manage stress in a tense atmosphere. Tennis also promotes a strong work ethic within children and teaches them discipline [11].

Horse Riding

photo_2015-12-01_18-51-56At The Tuition Club we provide our students with the opportunity to participate in horse riding at Godley Stud Riding School.  The riding school is approved by the Association of British Riding Schools, and has been established for over 20 years [12]. Riding lessons are run by qualified instructors, and lessons are tailored to the needs of our students.

Horse riding is an exciting sport that is enjoyed by all ages. Children are able to have fun outdoors, whilst benefiting from the popular sport. There are many health and psychological benefits that are gained from horse riding. In 2010, the British Horse Society commissioned the University of Brighton to conduct research into the psychological and physical health benefits of horse riding. The research concluded that the intensity of the sport is within the band of moderate intensity exercise, which is recommended in the guidelines set by UK’s ABC of Physical Activity for Health. Evidence also suggests that psychologically, horse riding stimulates positive feelings, as well as giving a sense of well-being [13].


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