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Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce that The Tuition Club will be offering online tuition from Monday 19th September 2016 in shaa Allaah. Subjects that we have on offer for online tuition include Arabic, Maths, English and Science. We charge £15 per hour, and sessions are to be paid in monthly installments.


Sessions will take place via Google Hangouts, and Google Sheets and Docs will be used to aid in your child’s learning.

Equipment/Resources Needed For Online Sessions 

  1. Laptop/PC, tablet or mobile phone (using the biggest screen will enable you to see the whiteboard and tutor more clearly).
  2. Earphones or a headset
  3. A4 Notebook
  4. Stationary (pencil, pen, ruler, calculator etc.)
  5. Books that The Tuition Club request you to purchase. Book lists will be sent to you via email.


Setting Up Your PC For Class

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Install Google Hangouts Extension in chrome or bookmark https://hangouts.google.com, then open it and login.
  3. The tutor will then initiate the call at the time of your session, and you will answer and join.


If you are interested in online tuition for your child, then please register via the form below and a member of the management team will be in touch to make a booking.

Interest Form

  • Please fill out one form per child. This will allow us to allocate appropriate classes.
  • Parent's Name

  • Child's Details



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