Online students learn the basic rule for subject-verb agreement!

Our online home-schooled students have been learning the basic rule for subject-verb agreement.

Children were asked to read the sentence and type the correct verb, matching a singular noun with singular verb.

They also worked on an online activity identifying an adverb in a sentence and describing what adverbs are for.

They then moved on to use an adverbs to create their own sentences.

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Online Students Colour by Number Addition up to 20!

Our online students have been practicing their basic addition of numbers up to 20 while developing essential fine motor and coordination skills at the same time.

Each section of the picture contains a simple addition sum that adds up to a number equalling 20 or less, with the answer relating to a specific colour dictated by a key at the bottom of the sheet.

This activity has helped the children engage with the learning in a creative way and begin to recognise the answers to common addition sums up to 20.

In addition, colouring by numbers is a fun way to assess colour and number recognition skills alongside a great way to reinforce key concepts.

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Spelling book activity during English online Lesson!

Our online students have been recording different words they don’t understand or can’t spell very well, adding them to their Spelling/Dictionary Book

This method allows the children to develop dictionary skills and work on their vocabulary.

The children have also added illustrations to make them visual, helping create a context for words.

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Tuition Club Online Classes Resume Tomorrow!

Tuition Club Online classes resume tomorrow from 10am UK Time. We look forward to welcoming you all back for more educational and engaging online lessons. We have a few new exciting additions to our online learning tools including e-books for reading in English and Quizlet for in class games. Keep a watch out for more exciting updates coming soon!

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Excellent Progress Made in Tuition Club Online Classes!

In September we introduced our brand new online classes, following on from the success of our onsite Tuition Club in Manchester. Alhamdulilah we have now expanded our service to cater for home-schooled children from around the World. We are dedicated to supporting home-schooling parents and hope that we can now fulfil our ethos with parents in other cities and countries. The subjects that we provide support in are English, Maths, Arabic, Science, Islamic Studies, History and Geography.

Since commencing, our online home schooled children have been making fantastic progress. They have been learning about Ancient Egypt in History, the process of heredity in Science, importance of the masjid in Islam and much more. Alhamdulilah it has been a great start to the new online academic year, with children from different cities/countries learning and progressing together.

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