Tutor Led Hands-on Blubber Glove Activity!

In Science our home-schooled children have been busy making a blubber glove and have been exploring what blubber does in the cold and in the heat. To prepare, the children gently kneaded the vegetable shortening and distributed it evenly between the bags. They then placed their hand inside the blubber glove and dipped the gloved hand into the cold water for one minute. After this, the children were instructed to place the warm washcloth inside the blubber glove and feel the outside of the Read more [...]

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Linking Fruits & Colours @Kids Club Arabic

Following on from last weekโ€™s session on Tuesday, children at our Kids Arabic started linking the variety of fruits that they learned with associated colours. Using the immersive language strategy, the tutor also supported the children to pronounce the names of the fruits and coloursย featuring key fruit images and vocabulary. They also participated in a Fruit and Colours Matching Game which gave the children the chance to reinforce fine motor skills by working on the task challenge whereby Read more [...]

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Making Egyptian Bracelets Using Bright Vibrant Colours and Shiny Gemstones!

During History, Key Stage 1 children have been learning about Ancient Egyptian Jewellery. During this time, Jewellers were skilled craftsmen. The jewellery was beautiful and colourful, and was made out of copper and gold wire, gemstones, coloured glass beads, and colourfully painted clay beads. Wide collars were popular, as were rings, earrings, and bracelets worn at the wrist, upper arm and around the ankle. Some jewellery was made of faience (a ceramic material made from crushed quartz Read more [...]

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Painting Modelling Clay Fruit Sculptures!

Key Stage 2 have been learning how to make fruit with modelling clay.

The tactile nature of allows children to develop their imaginations and their motor skills while having fun.

Using the right tools, the children were able to create their fruits and once the clay sculptures were dry they then got the opportunity to paint them and add fine details.

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Learning Fruits @ Kids Arabic Club!

A fantastic first session was had by all children that attended our Kids Arabic Club on Tuesday. Children were taught a variety of fruits in the Arabic language and participated in a variety of fun activities to aid them in their learning. Our tutor spoke only in Arabic; implementing our immersion strategy, which is one of the best ways for a child to absorb and learn a new language. Our next session will be this upcoming Tuesday 27th November at 4pm. There are still places available if you would Read more [...]

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AbaKhan Fabric Store visit in Manchester!

On Tuesday, some of our home-schooled children visited the AbaKhan Fabric Store in Manchester. As part of the Art Curriculum the children have been focusing on designing and will be making handbags this term. The AbaKhan Store is the leading UK fabric, sewing, knitting, dressmaking and haberdashery accessories store chain. The children have already chosen their preferred style of handbag from among the following: satchel, messenger or tote. They enjoyed purchasing items for their handbags Read more [...]

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Cooking Activity-Serving an Ethiopian Meal!

Our home-schooled children have been learning about Ethiopia and Liberia during History.

They took part in a cooking activity serving an Ethiopian meal.

Ethiopian food is served on Injera-a special kind of flat bread that looks like a gigantic sourdough pancake.

Food is piled on the Injera, and diners tear off pieces of the Injera and use it to eat the food on top of it.

The food is made up of a mixture of cottage cheese and yogurt and Dora Wat (a spicy chicken recipe).

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Arabic Dictation and Listening Drills!

Our home-schooled children have been constructing sentences in the Arabic Language.

There are two ways to form sentences in Arabic: You can manipulate definite and indefinite nouns and adjectives, or you can pull together nouns, adjectives, and verbs.

The children have also been practising spellings which is important because it aids in reading and increases their vocabulary.

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Enrol your child on our brand new private immersive Arabic sessions, taught by a former Al Ibannah Institute teacherโ€ผ๏ธ Your child will learn through play and activities, using a range of visual aids. The immersion language club, consists of our tutors only conversing in Arabic within the classroom. Tutoring in this way is highly effective, and is known to be one of the best methods used to learn a foreign language. ๐Ÿ“† Day: Every Tuesday (starting Tuesday 20th November) โฐ Time: 4pm Read more [...]

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Science Investigations-Growing French Breakfast Radishes in Pots!

Some of our home-schooled children have been conducting science investigations. Over time, they have been carrying out a collection of investigations around the topic of plants, looking at life cycles, factors affecting growth, parts of a plant as well as composting and plants that we eat. They have beenย  identifying and describing the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. This also included the following: โ€ขย  exploring the requirements Read more [...]

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