Year6 &7 Project Based Learning About The Habitats of Polar Bears

In Science, Our students in year 6 and 7 have now completed their 4-week project learning all about habitats of Polar Bears. They have been learning that homes for polar bears is on the sea ice, where they hunt seals at open leads. The bears are found in five nations across the Arctic in the U.S. The sea ice is vast and ever-changing. Because of this a polar bear’s home range can be enormous—far greater than any other species of bear. The size of a polar bear’s range depends on two main factors: the quality of the sea ice and the availability of their seal prey. Some sea ice lies over productive hunting areas, and some ice regions will melt sooner than others in a warming Arctic. Students have been introduced to the effects of Global Warming .

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Students Enjoy Activities Week- Baking, Cold-Cooking, Sewing, Stem challenges and much more!

On Wednesday the children had the opportunity to take part in various activities.

Some included Baking, Cold Cooking, Stem challenges as well as a trip to the local Transport Museum.

The children were extremely excited and through these activities they got to build basic skills, boost confidence, develop spatial perception and planning skills, learn mathematical concepts and much more.

The stem challenges such as the stem jellybean structures allowed the children the opportunity to encourage experimentation, share ideas, encourage teamwork, show creativity as well as develop many other skills.

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Tuition Club Children Visit Various Museums During Activities Week!

Last week our home-schooled students enjoyed a week of well-deserved fun activities which were both educational and entertaining.

The week started off with a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The children got to explore the different types of objects and world changing ideas.

They visited the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station and the world’s first railway warehouse, built in 1830.

They enjoyed the live demonstrations of historic working machinery as well as taking part in some of the fun science shows which was an enjoyable experience for all.

Another group visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

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Alhamdulillaah yesterday afternoon we came to the end of another term at the Tuition Club and to celebrate the achievements of our home schooled students, we held an end of term ceremony.

During the ceremony our students were rewarded for achieving a 100% mark in all subjects on the Tuition Club behaviour and effort charts, and were presented with certificates and gifts.

Our home-schooled students gave some fantastic presentations to showcase the work they covered this term. They have worked extremely hard and we encourage them to continue on and further develop their skills InshaAllaah.

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Tuition Club Activities Week-16th/18th/19th December 2019

The last day of term will be Thursday 19th December 2019 InshaAllah.

The Tuition Club will then resume Monday 6th January 2020 at 09:50 am. 

All parents will receive a reminder of our opening date and times via email, and also please watch out for regular updates via our Facebook and twitter accounts (@tuitionclub) or join our telegram channel (telegram.me/thetuitionclub).

Alhamdulillaah we are coming to the end of another successful full term here at The Tuition Club, in which a lot of progression has been made.

To celebrate the end of term we have decided to have an activities week during the last week of term.

We will be organising a few educational trips throughout the week, commencing Monday 16th DecemberWednesday 18th December 2019.

We believe that the trip is well deserved by all students and we sincerely hope that all students will be able to attend.

Also, in order to reward our home-schooled students for their hard work and efforts this term, we will be holding a ceremony on the last day Thursday 19th December from 2:00pm – 15:05.

We hope to see all parents come and join us in congratulating the students.

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Online students learn the basic rule for subject-verb agreement!

Our online home-schooled students have been learning the basic rule for subject-verb agreement.

Children were asked to read the sentence and type the correct verb, matching a singular noun with singular verb.

They also worked on an online activity identifying an adverb in a sentence and describing what adverbs are for.

They then moved on to use an adverbs to create their own sentences.

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Tactile learning- Creating a Texture Collage in Art!

Tactile learners learn best through movement.

In Art & crafts our home-schooled children have been looking at images of buildings through feel and texture.

They have got to experience and remember patterns using their fingers creating a texture collage.

This activity helped those experiential artists because it adds a tactile aspect to the activity.

Using a wide range of materials with a variety of textures the children got to cut out random geometrical shapes to create their texture collage.

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