Educational Afternoon at Recycle for Greater Manchester Waste Centre!

Last week our home schooled children had a wonderful trip to the Recycle for Greater Manchester Education Centre, as part of our science programme for this term. The programme of learning activities began with the children exploring the interactive exhibition area and was then followed by an introduction by the Education Officer, which focused on learning about the various coloured bins and the waste that goes in them. The children then participated in an interactive discussion, showing how the Read more [...]

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Students take part in modelling the phases of the moon activity using Jaffa Cakes!

Some of our home-schooled students have been looking at the topic: The sun, moon, and stars during Science lessons. The children reviewed what they have learned previously and then focused on the area about phases of the moon. Students got to learn that the moon doesn’t actually change shape—it just appears to change as it orbits Earth. The moon takes roughly 28 days to complete one orbit. The moon also takes 28 days to rotate. This means that the same side of the moon always faces Earth. Read more [...]

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Handmade beaded bracelets-Jewellery Making in Arts & Crafts!

Last week our home-schooled children focused on Handmade Jewellery making during Arts & Crafts lessons. The children started with drawing their own creative designs of their own Jewellery and looked for inspiration from other resources. They looked at a selection of necklaces, brooches and bracelets. They designed their own piece of jewellery and then made a simple bracelet. Using beads, wire, thread and equipment such the mini Jewellery-making pliers set, the children were able to create Read more [...]

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Tuition Club Resumes on Monday 25th February 2019 @10am

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Exploring visual art using different materials!

This term the children been exploring visual art looking at different materials such as felt, fabric different types of papers with various textures such as card, cellophane tissue paper and have looked at different shapes to create collages.

Many contemporary artists, such as Fred Tomaselli, continue to work in collage.

The boundaries of this medium are endless, and you will find many artists using some unusual materials.


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Students practice how to write a سيـــــــــرَة ذاتِيَـــــــــــــــــة (CV) in Arabic!

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a type of résumé that highlights academic achievement. During Arabic lessons the children have been creating a سيـــــــــرَة ذاتِيَـــــــــــــــــة (CV) advertising their abilities while giving insight into their personalities. This activity helped the children to think about their skills and experiences using the Arabic language. Using standard headings such as المعلومــــــــات الشَّخصيــــــــــــة Read more [...]

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Measuring Volume by Counting Unit Cubes!

Some of our home-schooled children have been learning about Volume during their Maths lessons.

Volume is the amount of space in a 3D Shape. It is measured in cubic units.

The children were able to find the volume of the shape by counting how many unit cubes fit inside it.

The students also got to write down the length, width, and depth and then work out the volume and surface area.

Resources such as multi-link cubes aided in making the shapes to work out the volume and surface area.

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BAKE OFF 2019!

Amazing Bake-Off Entries by Our Home-Schooled Students and Tutors!   Alhamdulillaah last Thursday was the end of another half term at the Tuition Club, and it ended in a joyful afternoon with the return of the Bake Off! We were extremely impressed by all the entries this year as the tables were heaving with delicious savoury and sweet treats related to a subject studied at the Tuition Club. The outcome showed remarkable creativity by both our home-schooled students and tutors. We Read more [...]

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Hurricanes and Extreme Weather Conditions-Science Project

One of our home-schooled children has been busy working on a Science project all about Hurricanes.

  • A hurricane is a huge, rapidly rotating storm.
  • When winds reach 74 miles per hour, a hurricane starts off.
  • Hurricanes can be up to 600 miles across and have strong winds of up to 200 mph.
  • Hurricanes occur with extreme weather conditions.

The project focused on what Hurricanes are and how to react if one approaches..

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A FUN BAKING EVENT FOR ALL! In order to reward our home schooled students for their hard work and efforts this half term, we are happy to announce that the Bake Off will be returning for a fourth year in shaa Allaah. Both students and tutors have the opportunity to enter the baking competition. The event has been a great success previously Alhamdulillaah and we hope that our students, tutors and parents enjoy it just as much. The Bake Off will be taking place on Thursday 14th February in shaa Read more [...]

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