Online Kids Ramdhan 2021 – Course Highlights

Alhamdullilah Salafi Centre Online launched the kids Ramadhan course this year which ran over 3 weeks during Ramadhan.

They covered a range of different topics taught in an interactive way using exciting visual presentations, quizzes, and even a chance to work on some crafts/models at home with the family.

Students were provided a Ramadhan workbook to work through which included important topics all about Ramadhan.
Topics discussed included, how to prepare for Ramadhan, reminders & encouragement to perform good actions, virtues of Ramadhan, My Ramadhan Goals, and much more.

Workbook activities such as Word Search and Crosswords were used to help in vocabulary building and students’ reasoning skills. Puzzles were used to identify and understand important key terms used within topics covered.

Different learning styles were taken into consideration when compiling the course materials and for the delivery of lessons, for example, a step-by-step reasoning approach was taken to benefit from the sequential steps of completing a crossword which helped auditory learners. Kinaesthetic learners were able to enjoy multi-task strategies required to solve the puzzles so these activities were beneficial to all learning types.

Instructional activities were also included which children completed themselves and with the family at home.

The course was designed for the children in order to teach them about the importance of Ramadhan with the focus on making them feel productive, engaged, and excited while learning about Islam.

Take a look at the course highlights that we have posted below!


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We have been learning about Cultural Maps

Cultural Heritage is the attributes, customs and traditions which are passed down between generations. It is an expression of self, as well as of community and family.

People of the same culture often have a shared identity, which can give a sense of pride, comfort, and belonging to members of the cultural ethnicity or group.

Our students at the Tuition club have been encouraged to think about the importance of cultural heritage.

We have found that this group activity is an amazing way of creating positive peer relationships and friendships. As each child takes a turn to discuss their cultural heritage, you can encourage to ask respectful questions and expand their understanding of other cultures. Group discussions like these can also be helpful in building confidence and valuable public speaking skills in children.

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Garden Club Resumes this Friday!

The garden club will resume onsite on Friday 21st May Insha Allah

The weekly club will give children the opportunity to be part of our learning garden by planting and growing a variety of plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the scientific processes involved in gardening such as facts about plant growth and compost making in a practical and fun environment!

The club costs £3 per session (free for those who attend the Tuition Club) for ages 6+ and will run from 11:00am to 12:00pm every Friday.

We look forward to seeing you this week!

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Exciting opportunity! English Tutor Vacancy at the tuition club

Tuition club is seeking to appoint a KS1 Tutoring role. The post is starting from 28th June 2021 part-time Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Interested candidates need to return the application form by Friday 11th June 2021.

We are looking for a person who:

  • Has experience of and is passionate about supporting elective-home schooled children
  • A willingness to be flexible and go the ‘extra mile’
  • Will be available to work within the hours of 10.00 am – 3.15 pm on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s
  • Have excellent literacy skills
  • Able to work as part of a team and under their own initiative


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Tuition Club Online Closed for end of Ramadhan and Eid!

The children have settled back for the new term here at Tuition Club Online and have been super busy getting stuck into many hands-on creative projects.

From time, we like to share the children’s work so that they feel appreciated and experience a sense of achievement for all their hard work and efforts during the term.

During History some of the children were set assignments and projects related to Ancient Rome.

One of the projects included a Roman Food Dish whereby the children were given instructions on how to research ancient Roman food dishes and then were asked to recreate the dish for their Roman banquet. The children then wrote a summary of their chosen food dish and were then asked to create a ‘modernized’ version of the food dish to share with fellow students. The last part of the project involved writing a summary comparing and contrasting the food dish with the ancient Roman dish that they researched. Have a look at the images of their wonderful work that we have presented below.

For Maths homework some of the students created posters on bar charts including information about what needs to be included in a bar chart and some examples. Using the session PowerPoint slides, the children could draw out key information and use as a guideline to complete their posters.

As we are in the month of Ramadhan the children also had fun creating some Arts and crafts. Some students created some paper lanterns and decorated the lanterns at home for the family to all join in and display. Last week the children also took part in a Ramadhan activity focusing on discussing the importance and virtues of Ramadhan which was a nice way to benefit from the remaining days of Ramadhan.

The Tuition Club Online is now closed for the remaining days of Ramadhan & Eid and will resume week commencing Monday 17th May 2021 In shaa Allaah.

We hope you all have a lovely break and benefit from the remaining days of Ramadhan and wish you all a wonderful blessed Eid.

JazaakummAllahu Khairan

Tuition Club Online



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We have now Closed for Ramadhan and Eid!

The Tuition Club has now closed for the last 10 days of Ramadhan and Eid.

During this week, Our home-schooled children have been super busy and creative! They have been making paper lanterns in all shapes and colours! Our children ages 5 onwards were also outdoors this week on a scavenger hunt and were ticking off all the things that they could find on their list! We have found that our home schooled children particularly loved this activity; Play is essential to the healthy development of children; it helps them discover and explore, solve problems, test new ideas and experience friendship, cooperation and teamwork. children 11-13 were also keeping busy with learning how to crochet! As well as being a mood lifter, crocheting has proven health benefits as the small repetitive movements involved can keep your hands, arms and fingers supple and your eyes sharp.

We would like to wish everyone the very best for the rest of this blessed month, and we hope that you all benefit from the break!

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Summer term begins at the Tuition club!

What an amazing start to the first week of the summer term 3 for our home-schooled children! The Ramadhan time-change has now taken place and has been much appreciated by our children and tutors. Students have really enjoyed activities throughout the week whilst enjoying the sunshine – it gives everyone a lift! The children have enjoyed the freedom to play outdoors and learning activities have started again and students are building on their hard work done so far. We thank you for your ongoing support with all thing’s tuition club related!

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Garden Club

We are excited to announce that the Garden Club will re-start onsite on Friday 23rd April 2021 at 11:00am In shaa Allaah.

The weekly club will give children the opportunity to be part of our learning garden by planting and growing a variety of plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the scientific processes involved in gardening such as facts about plant growth and compost making in a practical and fun environment!

The Garden Club will give children a sense of responsibility and friendship, it will also enhance Fine Motor Development and introduce them to Scientific Concepts.

Please note: The Garden Club is now taking place on a different day to the Girls Club (the Girls Club will now be taking place on Sundays In Shaa Allah)

The club costs £3 per session for ages 6+ and will run from 11:00am to 12:00pm every Friday.

To join us please complete the registration form below: 


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Last Friday was the end of Term 2 at Tuition Club Online and to celebrate the achievements of our online students, we held a ceremony online.

During the online assembly, we shared the wonderful work that our online students had completed with parents and tutors.

We presented and showcased the various work that the children had produced and had a few student speeches.

The students had the opportunity to see the achievements made by different age groups.

We therefore recognise the importance of engaging students and giving them a platform for public speaking.

As a result, we have seen the students build confidence and strengthen oral communication skills which has been a delight to see.

Students were rewarded for their exceptional efforts and were presented with certificates and gifts.

Have a look at their amazing work below!


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New Timings for Ramadhan

End of Term 2

Tuition Club has now closed for end of term 2. We hope you are having a lovely break. The Tuition Club will resume back on Monday 19th April 2021.

Please ensure your child/children completes any homework set so they are ready for the new half term.

Any outstanding payments please arrange the amount to be paid before the new term begins.

Ramadhan Break/Timing Change

During the blessed month of Ramadhan, the Tuition Club will delay timings slightly to make it easier to those who are fasting and may find it difficult to arrive earlier. During Ramdhan the Tuition Club will begin at 11:00 am and will finish at 16:00pm.

Timetables will remain the same. The time change will not affect the weekly fees.


Please watch out for regular updates via our Facebook and Twitter accounts (@tuitionclub) or join our telegram channel (telegram.m0e/thetuitionclub).

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

JazaakumAllahu Khair,

The Tuition Club

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