Yesterday some of our home schooled children visited the Fire Safety Centre in Bury. The children participated in various activities to understand the importance of home fire safety using a sensitive approach. They got to learn that fire is dangerous and about common fire hazards as well as the stop, drop and roll safety technique. They also talked about smoke alarms and how they keep homes safe from fire, what to do in an emergency if there is a fire, and how to call 999. The children Read more [...]

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Making Food from Modelling Clay and using Methods of Clay Hand-Building Techniques!

Clay art modelling is a fun art activity that involves the sculpting and moulding of modelling clay into a variety of shapes and objects. Hand-building is working with clay by hand using only simple tools. Our Key stage 2 students have been transforming their sketching work with the use of modelling clay. Students practice their sculpting and hand building skills along with gaining knowledge about different types of clay. Using the different tools such as the ball tool, they were able Read more [...]

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Writing a letter to a friend in Arabic!

Key stage 3 have been writing letters in the Arabic language.

The students got a chance to put into words what they have learned about grammar and vocabulary.

They also constructed phrases and expressions, both by using a dictionary and from what they have learned in general.

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Students attend a story telling session at Abraham Moss Library!

On Wednesday our young learners visited Abraham Moss Library for a lovely story telling session by the librarian. Students got to participate in a group session involving sharing a story together. The children had a great time and enjoyed the visit. The story telling session was also followed by a guided tour of the library and students were issued their own personal library cards. The library is a fantastic resource equipped with books for children of all ages. We look forward to regular Read more [...]

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End of Half Term & Garden Activity Afternoon 2018!

Alhamdulillaah we are coming to the end of another successful half term. The last day of this half term of the Tuition club will be next Thursday 18th October 2018 in shaa Allaah. We will then resume on Monday 29th October 2018 at 10am. In order to reward our home-schooled students for their hard work and efforts this half term, we are happy to announce another fun activity afternoon. Students will be assigned tasks based on our new learning garden. They will have the opportunity to research Read more [...]

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Students Compare Britain 1901-2018 in History!

During History, students have been looking at Britain in 1901 to the present day. They have looked at key historic events such as The First World War & The Olympic Games which were held in London. They also looked at transport and the different inventions of that time. The very first moving car was invented by Karl Benz in 1885 as well as the first vacuum cleaner which became very popular. Sports was also highly regarded and a popular entertainment for people. In present times, Read more [...]

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Growing Cress Seeds in Soil

Year 2 have been learning about how plants and trees grow within their Science lessons. Growing seeds with children and showing them how plants grow is great fun, but it’s also an essential part of their development. In Science, students were introduced to the first process of a plant’s life cycle and were shown a variety of seeds and described the colour, size, shape etc. Children then got to make their Kangaroo Plant Pots by putting soil and cress seeds into their pots as well as pouring Read more [...]

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Exploring recipes from Roman & Anglo-Saxon time periods!

Children took part in learning about foods from ancient times. This also involved tasting the mouth watering foods originating from Roman and Anglo Saxon time periods. One of the recipes they looked at was the Roman Tiger Nut sweets, an alternative to modern sweets. This recipe is one of the oldest recipes known and was found written on a piece of clay! The other foods they looked at was from the Anglo-Saxons time period who commonly served bread with butter, new cheese or a spread. This cheese Read more [...]

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Autumn Art: sponge-painted leaves using printing techniques!

Last week Key Stage 1 have been busy creating Autumn Art. Students made leaf prints and used their fingers and hand prints to create an Autumn tree. They also used sponges to create an Autumn effect and created the leaves on a tree. This activity worked well reflecting the present season and current topic of Materials – pattern.  Children used a  range of materials creatively to design and make their artwork displaying the use of patterns. Read more [...]

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Key Stage 3 get to design handbags during textile sessions!

Our Key Stage 3 pupils have started their handbag project which involves designing and creating a handbag of their choice. During their textiles lesson pupils got to explore and research about the various range of bags, the different features of each bag as well as the many fabrics that could be used. Children have learnt about the origins of fibres, using fabrics to make a bag and simple ways of joining and decorating fabrics together. This led on to evaluating a variety of existing bags to Read more [...]

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