Exploring Abstract Art Using Bright and Bubby Colours and Forms!

Our home-schooled students have been expressing themselves and have created some vibrant abstract artwork. They demonstrated mixing shades and creating some Drip Painting. This involved model mixing a range of shades with each colour of paint which demonstrated using a range of tools to drip and spatter the paint onto the paper. They have also been introduced to the work of artist Jackson Pollock. This activity has helped develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, Read more [...]

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Tutors discuss why the River Nile was so important!

In History our home-schooled students have been looking at the River Nile and why it was essential for survival to ancient Egyptians. The children have learnt that in ancient times the people of ancient Egypt depended on the Nile to survive. The River Nile runs through Egypt and most people live along and around it today. This was also the case in ancient times as this is because the land near the Nile is a place where crops can be grown, and the rest of Egypt is desert. To aid the children Read more [...]

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Excellent Tutor led Activity-Learning all about Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics!

Our home-schooled students have been learning all about Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphs is an ancient Egyptian way of writing that uses pictures instead of letters. The students had a lot of fun working on the decoding task activity. Students were asked to write a given word in hieroglyphs on the whiteboard and then discuss how different or similar it is to writing in English. In History, the students have also been discovering facts about Egyptian Pyramids. The students Read more [...]

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GCSE Chemistry Topic-Organic Chemistry

One of our home-schooled GCSE student has been learning all about Organic Chemistry.

A beautiful well presented poster was created to showcase the elements involved.

This poster is a great educational resource that will help in revision and to improve understanding and reinforce learning.

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Handwriting Tutor Session- Practising Gross and Fine Motor Skills!

Our home-schooled children have been practising their skills needed for clear, neat handwriting. Mastering good handwriting is a gradual process for every child, but for some, learning to write quickly, legibly and comfortably can be more of a challenge. They have been creating poems during their English tutor sessions to demonstrate their skills. To encourage this, they have been issued with handwriting pens which can be used as a tool to encourage a good grip and support children by practising Read more [...]

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Pupils enjoy making egg and cress sandwiches in Science after observing its growth!

Pupils of Key Stage 1 have enjoyed growing their cress heads in the last few weeks. This followed on with a fun healthy activity of making egg and cress sandwiches. Students were split into sandwich making teams where they had a table with butter and bread, another for egg chopping, another for egg and mayonnaise mixing, etc. Step by step instructions were given to make the egg and cress sandwiches which the children thoroughly enjoyed. To further strengthen and emphasise the students Read more [...]

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Identifying and describing the properties of 3D shapes!

Our home-schooled pupils have been learning about 3-D shapes and their properties.

Pupils were asked to name the shape and then discuss how many faces, edges and corners each shape has.

They then went on to describe the properties of different triangles by comparing triangles (equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, right-angles triangle and scalene triangle)

The students produced posters to highlight the areas mentioned above.

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Students are Rewarded with Golden Trophy Badges for Their Excellent Effort in Maintaining Classrooms!

Taking care of the Masjid and looking after it is encouraged and praiseworthy in Islam. As an encouragement and for rewarding the children for their excellent effort in keeping their classrooms/Masjid tidy and clean we have introduced some golden trophy badges. Each class member will get the opportunity to wear these badges for a set duration and results will be recorded.   In houses (masjids), which Allâh has ordered to be raised (to be cleaned, and to be honoured), in them His Name Read more [...]

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Solving Maths Puzzle Games!

Pupils had lot of fun this week solving challenging puzzles using the BrainBox game. This game helps the children with basic mathematical concepts, including numbers, shapes and measurement. The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question. If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept, and the person with the most number of cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner. The children also worked on some problem-solving matchstick puzzles. Read more [...]

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Students participate in a Science Experiment-Exploring how plants absorb water!

Some of our home-schooled students have been exploring how plants absorb water during their science lesson. Firstly, the children got to understand how a plant obtains water by discussing why there is a need to water plants as well as where water for plants usually come from. Using pictures, the class then discussed the differences between the roots, helping students understand why diffuse roots are good for places such as marshes, swamps, and sand dunes, while tap roots are good for places Read more [...]

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