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Learning about the Nomads in History!

Our Young learners have been learning all about the Nomads during History. Nomads moved around a lot. They lived in tents. They gathered grasses and berries and hunted animals for food. Some people who lived during this time period slept outside. They ate food that they picked and hunted, and they went from place to place. Some nomads settled down and grew crops. They watered the crops and built houses. They built walls around the houses. They lived in the Fertile Crescent. Our Read more [...]

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Science- Watch a Plant Drink Activity!

This term our young learners have been learning about living things that have basic needs that help them stay alive.

They took part in a hands-on activity yesterday to see how a plant drinks water.

This experiment involved placing celery in a glass of coloured water to see how the plant drinks the water.

The children were able to record the results once they saw what had happened.

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Arabic- Sun and Moon Letters (حورف شمسية و قمرية)

During Arabic this week some of the students have been learning about the Sun and Moon Letters. The consonants are divided into two groups, called the sun letters or solar letters (Arabic: حروف شمسية‎ ḥurūf shamsiyyah) and moon letters or lunar letters (حروف قمرية ḥurūf qamariyyah), based on whether they assimilate the letter lām (ﻝ l) of a preceding Arabic definite article al- (الـ), which is an important general rule used in Arabic grammar. The 14 Sun-letters Read more [...]

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Learning about Greece and its History!

Our aged 6-7 home-schooled children have been learning about Greece and its History. Through discussion they have learnt about what happened to the barbarians who lived in Greece, how they became civilized, built houses, learned how to read, etc. To understand the culture the children took part in a cooking activity to show the types of food that were available within Greece at that time period. Children got involved in making Hummus which included the following ingredients - chick peas Read more [...]

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How the digestion system works in humans!

Our home-schooled students have been describing how the digestion system works in humans. Focus points were to know what the mouth, tongue, teeth, oesophagus, stomach and intestine do to help us digest our food as well as knowing the order of our digestive system. Digestion is a scientific way of describing how we break down our food. It describes everything that happens to our food once it enters our mouths. The digestive system starts in our mouths. When food is swallowed it leaves Read more [...]

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Artist Ian Murphy’s inspired like drawings!

Ian Murphy is a UK based Fine artist of 30 years, known for his passion for journeys, inspiring his artworks. The rugged and eroded landscape, both natural and the constructed, feature strongly in his visual stimulus, as he seeks to investigate the environments that fracture and decay to get the best ideas for his mixed media canvases in the studio. Our home-schooled children have been looking at his drawings and have produced some excellent thumbnail sketches inspired by his artwork. These Read more [...]

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Learning about the History of the Moghuls!

Some of our age 8-9 home-schooled children have been learning all about the topic India under the Moghuls. They have been studying THE MOGHUL DYNASTY, AKBAR OF INDIA. Akbar’s empire covered half of India and to understand the Indian culture, the children have participated in a cooking and tasting activity which involved making a well-known traditional food called Indian Dal. Dal is the Indian word for lentils. It is cooked almost daily in every Indian home. As a result, there are many Read more [...]

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Introducing Sports Skills Sessions at Tuition Club!

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced Sports Skills sessions at Tuition Club. This will benefit the children in many ways, teaching them skills, fitness and will also impact positively on their general well-being. Positive participation in Sports will enable children to build, self-esteem, respect, physical development, teamwork and positive attitudes. Some of our home-schooled children will be focusing on Netball this half-term. They have practiced shooting and learning Read more [...]

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Archaeological Dig Simulation!

Our home-schooled children have been doing a mini dig after discussing and learning all about what History is and the work of Historians. Archaeologists dig things like dishes and toys out of the ground. They find out about the past from these things. The children had fun participating in a simulation of an archaeological dig. They used material such as small items from household, a plate/shoebox full of sand, small brushes, old tooth brush, tweezers and a small bag to place items in. They Read more [...]

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Excellent start to the New Academic Year during Arabic lessons!

Our home-schooled children have had an excellent start to the new academic year. During Arabic lessons they have been working on letter writing which focused on their summer holidays. Letter writing is an essential skill which is also taught during Arabic lessons. It is also fun and helps to compose written text and provide handwriting practice. Children must be aware of different styles of writing, the use of formal and informal letters, and to select style and vocabulary appropriate to Read more [...]

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