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Tuition club closure next week- Monday 3rd Feb & Tuesday 4th Feb

Asalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wabaraktuhu, It had been decided that the Tuition Club will be closed on the Monday 3rd February AND Tuesday 4th February to allow parents to plan their day from now.  We will re-adjust timetables and announce days to make up the missed periods of tutoring later in the term. Please keep an eye on the official telegram and twitter channel for further updates.

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Important Notice! Change Of Day For Tuition Club Next week

Asalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakatuh, Please note that there will be a change of the Tuition Club day next week due to the Masjid hosting the winter conference on Sunday 2nd February. The Tuition Club will be closed on Monday 3rd February and will resume back on Tuesday 4th February 2020 at the usual time of 9:50am In’ shaa Allah. The Tuesday is to enable students to continue on according to the frameworks for the academic year, so please make sure that your child/children attend the Read more [...]

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Abstract and Still Life Painting Using Acrylic Paints in Art!

Our Home-schooled children have been getting creative at the Tuition club! Our children,  Ages 7- 11 have been taught how to use different mediums to the best effect. Sketching and working with different mediums they have been guided and taught by our wonderful and encouraging tutors. The session started off with looking at The ColourWheel; Color wheels show us how colors are related.  They remind artists how to mix and think about colors. Primary colors cannot be made from other colors, Artists Read more [...]

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Year6 &7 Project Based Learning About The Habitats of Polar Bears

In Science, Our students in year 6 and 7 have now completed their 4-week project learning all about habitats of Polar Bears. They have been learning that homes for polar bears is on the sea ice, where they hunt seals at open leads. The bears are found in five nations across the Arctic in the U.S. The sea ice is vast and ever-changing. Because of this a polar bear's home range can be enormous—far greater than any other species of bear. The size of a polar bear's range depends on two main factors: Read more [...]

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A FUN BAKING EVENT FOR ALL! In order to reward our home schooled students for their hard work and efforts this half term, we are happy to announce that the Bake Off will be returning for a fourth year in shaa Allaah. Both students and tutors have the opportunity to enter the baking competition. The event has been a great success previously Alhamdulillaah and we hope that our students, tutors and parents enjoy it just as much. The Bake Off will be taking place on Thursday 14th February in shaa Read more [...]

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Wood Workshop – 08/05/2018

Today our home-schooled students participated and made their own sweet dispensers. Process: Pieces of wood had to be cut down to size and shape, they were then sanded down by the students, who then had to utilise the drill press, slot the parts together and use a glue gun. All safety protocols were explained to the students beforehand, protective eye wear and ear muffs were likewise provided. It is easy to list the benefits from woodworking for children. Here are a few: Emotional/Social: Read more [...]

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