Our learning garden – Keeping the growing area healthy!

When nights get longer than days, we know it’s time to prepare our learning garden area for the winter. We have been grabbing those last few sunny days, embracing the chill and relishing the chance to get outside!

Keeping the growing area healthy with our herbs;

  • Clear away and compost dying foliage and stems
  • Dig up and destroy mint plants affected by rot and frost. So we can replace next year with new, clean plants.
  • Pot up some left-over herbs to keep them growing a bit longer. They can sometimes produce growth throughout the winter on a windowsill.

and our precious fruit trees   

  • If you have; Pick every last fruit. Fruit hanging on trees over winter is one of the main sources of brown rot infection in the spring.
  • Prune out infected branches and twigs on apples and pears.

And finally, Look after your precious soil.  We have enjoyed the Autumn tasks–remember everything you do now gets you ready for the next great spring!

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