Artist Ian Murphy’s inspired like drawings!

Ian Murphy is a UK based Fine artist of 30 years, known for his passion for journeys, inspiring his artworks. The rugged and eroded landscape, both natural and the constructed, feature strongly in his visual stimulus, as he seeks to investigate the environments that fracture and decay to get the best ideas for his mixed media canvases in the studio.

Our home-schooled children have been looking at his drawings and have produced some excellent thumbnail sketches inspired by his artwork.

These sketches are quick abbreviated drawings. The children first had to sketch a rough box, smaller but in the same proportions as the finished picture.

They then got to sketch in the horizon line or any major verticals or horizontals. They got to work on outlining any key shapes and quickly hatch in any key strong dark areas.

In the following weeks the children will be focusing on different types of mark-making within their drawings and emphasis will be on detailed methods.


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