Students learn how to structure verb sentences in Arabic!

This week, in Arabic, our homeschooled students have been learning all about verb sentences, how to write them and what makes a sentence a verb sentence. Firstly, students were taught the three basic components of a verb sentence: the verb, the subject (the person carrying out the verb) and the object (what the subject is carrying out the verb on).   Secondly, students learnt the attached pronouns for both masculine and feminine subjects. The verbs they were given included يفتح (to Read more [...]

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Change of Timings for Ramadhaan!

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته   After careful consideration the Management Team have decided that during the blessed month of Ramadhaan The Tuition Club will operate at slightly different hours.  This is to bring ease to those who are fasting and may find it difficult to arrive at 10am after night prayers etc. The opening times for Ramadhaan will be as follows: 11am – 4pm Please ensure that children arrive no later than 10.50am as this will cause Read more [...]

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Excellent Road Safety (Green Cross Code) Workshop for our young learners-Keeping Safe!

Our Young Learners were introduced to aspects of Road Safety and how to keep safe. Children got to experience how to cross the road in a safe manner with the aid of the staff. This first hand experience allowed children to help understand knowing the Green Cross Code and how to use it properly. - Find a safe place to cross - stand on the pavement near the kerb - look all round for traffic and listen - if traffic is coming - let it pass then look all round again - when there is no Read more [...]

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Important E-Safety Workshop for our Home Schooled Children

This Workshop consisted of students being taught how to use the Internet safely and correctly. An introduction to what we use the internet for was addressed as well the positive aspects and dangers of the Internet. Social networks, Cyber Bullying, how to stay safe online and asking for help and advice when unsure were also discussed. Top Tips were given on how to stay safe online as well as important rules of E-Safety. We concluded the day with the children presenting the information Read more [...]

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Fun packed Creative Writing Workshop held for our home-schooled students!

Our home-schooled students took part in various workshops this week. Workshops such as Internet/ E-Safety, Road Safety and Creative Writing workshops were introduced. Excellent Creative Writing Workshop for our students! Yesterday, Tuition Club had the privilege of having a local writer visit the students to conduct a series of workshops for the students throughout the day. Sessions started off with simple icebreakers that helped stimulate the imagination of the children. Pupils got to explore Read more [...]

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Wood Workshop – 08/05/2018

Today our home-schooled students participated and made their own sweet dispensers. Process: Pieces of wood had to be cut down to size and shape, they were then sanded down by the students, who then had to utilise the drill press, slot the parts together and use a glue gun. All safety protocols were explained to the students beforehand, protective eye wear and ear muffs were likewise provided. It is easy to list the benefits from woodworking for children. Here are a few: Emotional/Social: Read more [...]

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Educational Workshops

Last week our home-schooled pupils took part in several educational workshops. Some of which we felt were vital to address and to help raise awareness in these areas. First Aid Awareness for Students🚑 During this workshop students took part in an introduction to first aid to develop skills in this area so that they would be better prepared and more confident in situations that may require first aid. Pupils were shown the contents of a first aid kit and discussed what the items were used Read more [...]

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Reflective & Rotational Symmetry

Students using tracing paper and mirrors for reflective symmetry! In continuation from last term, some of our key stage 2 home schooled students have been completing some work after introducing reflective symmetry. Students took part in a practical activities to identify symmetrical shapes. They were asked to colour in the correct space to complete a symmetrical pattern. The children were then taught how to use tracing paper for rotational symmetry and mirrors for reflective symmetry. For Read more [...]

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