Students visit The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Training and Safety Centre in Bury!

On Tuesday, our home-schooled students visited the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Training and Safety Centre in Bury. The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) Training and Safety Centre is the largest Fire-Fighter training facility in the UK. It is designed to inform visitors about how to protect themselves against fire and other dangers. 'The visit that could save your life' introduced the work of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and allowed the children to Read more [...]

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Students participate in an exciting Math challenge!

Some of our home schooled students have been participating in a Maths challenge during their lessons. Using a range of challenge cards tutors were able to reinforce teaching on number sentences and test students knowledge on these areas in a fun and creative way. Pupils attempted solving gaps in number sentences addition and subtraction calculations. Resources such as the unifix cubes aided children in solving the calculations. Read more [...]

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Young learners are introduced to Transport and Vehicle Vocabulary in Arabic

Our Young learners have been learning Transport Vocabulary in Arabic. ‘Transport' refers to the movement of people from one place to another. It can also refer to the movement of goods. This usually involves vehicles such as cars, trams, trains or buses. Children demonstrated their speaking and listening skills using Arabic vocabulary words for vehicles in class. Tutors discussed the different types of vehicles, how they work and what they’re used for. As an addition, students enjoyed Read more [...]

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Students work on Reading and Writing the Time in Maths!

This week our key stage 1 have been revisiting topics during their Maths lesson. They enjoyed creating their own individual analogue clocks which has also added to an extra resource for them to use and practice telling the time at home. The main focus was to be able to read and write o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Pupils then moved on to a worksheet which asked them to draw the hands on the clocks to show the written time. This activity was a fun way to help children Read more [...]

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GCSE Physics- Students enjoy working on electric circuit projects!

Our home schooled pupils have been learning about the meanings of electrical symbols and properties of electrical circuits. Electrical circuits are connected in series or in parallel. The children have been learning about circuit components which are shown as symbols. Using the Electronic Snap Circuit resource, students were able to build exciting projects. By using the building pieces/snaps they were able to assemble different electronic circuits on a simple base grid which functions like Read more [...]

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A wonderful end to a fantastic half term! Alhamdulillaah on Thursday afternoon, we came to the end of Summer half term 2018 at the Tuition Club and to celebrate the achievements of our home-schooled students we held an activities afternoon highlighting the contributions made by men and women in Muslim civilisation across the world. During the activities afternoon, our students presented some wonderful posters and models which showed what they had learned about the legacy of Muslim civilisation Read more [...]

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