📚✏️Learning Maths in Arabic 🔢📚

Teaching Basic Mathematical Concepts

This term the students have been introduced to mathematical concepts in Arabic. They have learned the ability to count accurately as well as demonstrate and understand Arabic vocabulary that is associated with specific mathematical concepts. The children have also been learning Arabic Maths vocabulary featuring key terms such as the four operations etc.

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Embroidery Stitches

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Handmade Cushion Covers 🖌✂️🖍

Excellent sewing skills developed by our students!

During Arts and Crafts, the children have been making some beautiful handmade cushions as part of their sewing project.

Using different techniques, the children have been taught various sewing skills such as embroidery stitches. A simple line of straight stitches with the needle going up through a hole, down through the next and continuing is known as the ‘Running Stitch’. The children have also been practicing the back stitch which basically is a running stitch with the gaps filled in. They have been learning how to demonstrate these skills and have produced some fantastic work.

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Bake Off 2018!

Excellent Bake Off Entries by Our Home Schooled Students and Tutors!

Alhamdulillaah last Thursday was the end of another half term at the Tuition Club, and it ended in style with a special return of the Bake Off! We were impressed by all of the entries and the creativity that was shown by our home schooled students and tutors.

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Micro-Organisms and Food Production!

Fun bread dough making session!

Our home schooled students from class 8-9 have been learning all about micro-organisms and food production in their Science lessons. Students took part in some bread dough making with yeast, and learnt how yeast cells respire and grow quickly when they have air, warmth and plenty of sugar. Students then took their dough home and made pizza and chocolate bread.

Lots of fun was had by all!

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End of Half Term | Bake Off 2018!

A fun baking event for all!

In order to reward our home schooled students for their hard work and efforts this half term, we are happy to announce that the Bake Off will be returning for a third year in shaa Allaah. Both students and tutors have the opportunity to enter the baking competition. The event has been a great success previously alhamdulillaah and we hope that our students, tutors and parents enjoy it just as much.

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